Super D® Cosmetic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Super D® Hydrogen Peroxide is stabilized for those customers who prepare dilute hydrogen peroxide solutions requiring a long shelf life. When diluted to a 3% concentration with high quality de-ionized water, the dilution meets U.S. Pharmacopeia monograph specifications for topical solutions.

This product also is excellent for preparation of home laundry bleach formulations and industrial and institutional applications. When used in cosmetic creams, emulsions or laundry bleaches, the product should be tested for compatibility with hydrogen peroxide.


  • Super D 35% Cosmetic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Super D 50% Cosmetic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Key Benefits
  • Remains stable over a long shelf life
  • Can be used for 3% topical solutions, home laundry formulations, oral care products and hair care bleaching products
Key Functions
  • Cosmetics
  • Laundry
  • Bleaching
  • Disinfectant