Wastewater Disinfection

PeroxyChem understands the need to disinfect wastewater with treatment chemicals that address the concerns associated chlorination – safety, toxicity, by-product formation and cost. That’s why we’ve developed VigorOx® WWT II wastewater disinfection technology, the environmentally responsible and economically minded alternative disinfectant to chlorine and UV disinfection. VigorOx WWT II, a formulation containing 15% peracetic acid and 23% hydrogen peroxide, represents an innovative solution in industrial wastewater treatment.

PeroxyChem recently worked with Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater and other industry professionals to develop a method for the analysis of peracetic acid (PAA) residuals. This PAA-specific method will enable wastewater professionals to accurately measure residuals in a plant’s outflow to meet their National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit. Method 4500-PAA is now available for use and can be found at standardmethods.org.

Key Functions

A Complete Solution

Our wastewater disinfection team offers an end-to-end solution to microbial control problems, not just chemicals. More than a chemical disinfectant, VigorOx WWT II is a compliance and performance guarantee. Our offering includes not just the chemistry, but the equipment, training, field maintenance, regulatory support and piloting capabilities as well. All in a cost-effective, full service solution designed to help or customers achieve consistent compliance.

Wastewater Characterization and Dose Response

PeroxyChem labs offer a full range of capabilities for wastewater disinfection including:

  • Wastewater characterization, disinfection kinetics studies, PAA demand and decay studies.
  • Process optimization studies (multiple serial injection).
  • Microbial analyses including viral surrogates such as MS2.

Pilot Reactor Trialing

PeroxyChem runs a complete study that allows for testing of different dosing regimes under varying effluent conditions. The reactor enables side-stream testing (20 gpm).

Full Scale Trialing

PeroxyChem provides all the equipment, chemical, installation, training, maintenance, decommissioning and reporting for a temporary (typically 60 days) trial setup that allows data collection for an NPDES permit change.

Process Modeling

PeroxyChem can perform CFD Analysis to optimize location and number of injection points or addition of mixing.

Process Control Optimization

PeroxyChem’s standard system includes PLC control, but during a trial we will assess different control modes to optimize disinfection and chemical use to achieve cost savings. Typically, testing involves assessing multiple water quality parameters that correlate to chemical demand.

System Design and Engineering

PeroxyChem’s storage and feed systems are standard, but site integration can be challenging. Our team can take responsibility for site integration engineering by working with local engineering firms.

PeroxyChem’s turn-key capabilities include 3D modeling of installation, including piping and conduit runs, piping supports, etc. to minimize conflicts during construction. 3D capability is especially useful in large plants where site integration (water, power, drainage tie-ins) is complex.

Commissioning & Startup

Equipment installation services can include setting of concrete pads or containment pits, equipment placement, piping, electrical and control installation. Our testing and startup protocols ensure safe and effective operation after startup.

Maintenance and Technical Services

PeroxyChem offers monthly preventative maintenance and local technical support, as well as safety and operational training programs. We also offer services like regulatory support and equipment troubleshooting.