Hydraulic Fracturing Biocide – A Solution that Doesn’t Create Other Problems

While many biocides are effective, many also contaminate ground water and drinking water wells while they work. As leaders in the supply of chemistries for hydraulic fracturing water treatment, PeroxyChem has worked tirelessly to answer this need by using peracetic acid (PAA), a safe chemical that was already established in the healthcare and food processing industries, and reformulating it for energy-production applications.

A mixture of high-purity hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid treated with a proprietary purification process and a small amount of chemical stabilizer, PeroxyChem has found PAA to be an oxidizing biocide that rapidly destroys aerobic and sulfate reducing bacteria while decomposing into environmentally benign byproducts, thus minimizing risk to the environment and human health. And minimal risk to the environment and health is a maximum win in our book.

Key Functions